POGCOIN Token Migration

Following our recent announcements, POG will be migrating to a V2 (version 2) contract at 20:00 UTC 18/11/21. This will not only support us in our marketing efforts to increase awareness of POGFI but it will also improve the sustainability of POG through our updated tokenomics.

Since the launch of POG (18/05/21) we have gone on to rebrand to a multi-solution ecosystem that offers financial solutions to gamers across the globe. We aim to provide an alternative income stream to creators through their unique gameplay and in-game highlights, whilst activating various communities of gamers with our frequent free-entry tournaments.

For the past 6 months we have been self-funding POGFI, with the majority of our budget being allocated to product development, brand/legal infrastructure, and team expansion. However, with our new tokenomics, we will be able to keep a reserve of BNB funds to strengthen our marketing and development efforts.

POG V2: 0xd4513bb02e5613a599b959e5ced0065c5948a873

Updated tokenomics:

Updated token distribution:

Updated taxing system:

CMC and CG have been notified of our migration which will allow us to easily relist onto their platforms. We will also be launching advertising campaigns on several blockchain-oriented websites, which will redirect users to POGFI.com. And as we are transitioning our charts from PooCoin to Bogged Finance, we plan to integrate their swap onto our website where users can directly acquire POG.

Trading of POG will be halted 4 hours prior to our migration (11:00 UTC 18/11/21), ensuring that we launch at the correct price. A final snapshot of holders will be taken at 17:00 UTC, and holders will be airdropped an equal amount of tokens at 20:00 UTC.

We plan for this migration to be a smooth transition, however, in the unlikely case that our snapshot doesn’t register a holder — we have set up a support system where a holder can appeal for an airdrop (wallet transactions will be checked on BSCScan). If you haven’t been air-dropped, email us at support@pogfi.com along with your wallet address and we will verify and manually airdrop verified V1 holders.

Our growth so far has been exponential, from setting strong foundations down these past 6 months, we will start to see rapid growth in our token price, marketplace and more of the products we launch.

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